Production in USA - cGMP Standards

Our production facility in Florida is cGMP Certified!


cGMP Certified


Jing Tang products are manufactured at our state-of-art 30,000 sqft cGMP certified facility in Ocala, FL. We strictly follow cGMP guidance with regards to purity, consistency, identity, and safety. We continuously strive to improve every detail in order to create a trustworthy brand. Our quality control, production, warehouse and distribution are audited regularly and certified by NASC.

Production Modules 


All of our production modules are built to cGMP standards. To keep the production conditions optimal, each is installed with an individual temperature control unit, moisture control unit, and ventilation system. 


Production Lines

Our up-to-date production lines are capable of mixing, encapsulation, bottling and labeling. Deep cleaning is carried out following the production of each batch to avoid cross-contamination between different manufacturing orders.

Quality Assurance (QA) Procedure


Each step of the manufacturing process, from selecting herbal ingredients, to compounding, packaging, and shipping, is double checked by our highly trained detail oriented QA team.