Working with Suppliers - GMP Standards

We choose the most reputable suppliers and work with them closely.

GMP Certified Manufacturers

We have long-term partnership relationships with multiple major herbal manufacturers in China. All of our suppliers are certified with the GMP by the State Food & Drug Administration of China.

Quality Assurance Team in China

Our team of five Quality Assurance engineers are stationed in China to communicate our detailed specifications to the supplier, and monitor every step of the manufacturing process.

No Preservatives, No Sulfur Dioxide

In order to remove toxins and reduce potential side effects, raw herbs are processed using the traditional methods as outlined in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and Materia Medicas.

Our herbs are oven-dried to prolong shelf-life, without using sulfur dioxide or any other preservatives.

In-House Testing

We make sure that our suppliers run extensive in-house lab tests in accordance with stringent international standards. Each batch of raw materials and finished products are tested on microbial content, heavy metals, pesticide residues, moisture content, dissolution and potency.

Third-Party Testing

We use two independent labs in China to verify the test results provided by the suppliers. Full analysis is conducted, including microscopy, TLC, HPLC and GC/MS. More sophisticated analyses, such as the Aristolochic Acid test and the Chloramphenicol test, are conducted when necessary.

Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis is provided for each batch by the manufacturer and verified by the independent lab. The certificate lists the items tested, the actual test procedure used, the applied specifications and the test result.

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