Controlling the Source - Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Standards

Our commitment to quality starts at the source.

High-Grade Herbs

To deliver the highest level of efficacy, we only use high-grade herbs in all of our Jing Tang brand products.  Also, all herbs are species-verified and authenticated according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and Materia Medica.

Selected Farms

Our suppliers in China contract directly with carefully-selected herb farms and work with them on a long-term basis. Most of these farms are multi-generation owned small farms.

To help the farmers understand the requirements and practices of GAP, our suppliers assign highly-trained technicians to work with them shoulder-to-shoulder.

Dao Di  Region

Similar to grapes grown for wine, different growing conditions produce different qualities of herbs. Climate, soil and weather variation all play a part and can affect the effectiveness of a particular herb.

We only use herbs grown in their Dao Di regions --- the area that is known to produce the highest quality of a certain type of herb.

Avoiding Pollution


Our suppliers' growing sites are located away from chemical plants, power plants, mines, landfills or other possible pollution sources. Downstream areas are also avoided to prevent water pollution.

Pesticides and fertilizers are used very cautiously and are closely monitored. Organic solutions are always chosen whenever possible. Non-degradable pesticides and fertilizers are not allowed.


Harvesting and Testing


Most herbs are shipped straight to the processing facility while fresh. Sulfur stoving is strictly prohibited to avoid sulfur dioxide residues.

Each incoming batch is quarantined and carefully inspected before being released into manufacturing. With strict standards, they are tested and screened for bacteria, fungi, moisture content, heavy metals, and harmful residues.