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Top Herbal Formulas for A Start-up Pharmacy of Small Animal Practitioners       Sort by Name   Back
B0020 Body Sore *
  Invigorates Qi/Blood, resolve stagnation and relieve pain
E2043a Damp Heat Skin
  Clear Damp and Heat, detoxify and cool Blood
H2412 Di Tan Tang *
  Transform phlegm, clear Internal Wind and stop seizure
C2031 Dok's Formula
  Tonifies Kidney Yang; dispels Wind, Damp and Cold; invigorates Qi and Blood; warms the Channels; relieves pain
B2072 Double P II **
  Break down stasis in the spines, move Qi, relieve pain
I8001 Fan Xie Ye
  Purge Large Intestine, resolve food stasis
B2020 Stasis Breaker *
  Break Blood stasis, soften the hardness and clear enlargement
A2110 Suo Quan Wan
  Warm and consolidate Kidney Qi
A2050 Tendon/Ligament
  Nourish Liver Yin and Blood, strengthen tendons and ligaments
A2010 Wei Qi Booster
  Tonifies Qi and Blood, boosts Wei Qi and inhibits mutation

* Contraindication during pregnancy
** Contraindication during pregnancy and Drug test may be positive

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